ArtStation Challenge - Beyond Human Character Concepts

My entry into the ArtStation Challenge - Beyond Human in 2017.

While imagining the next step for humanity, I created a world where cybernetic enhancements were becoming common place. The rich were using the technology to enhance themselves into weapons. While the poor were using the enhancements to survive poor living conditions and toxic environments.

Amanda howes beyondhumanlineup amandahowes

Heroes and Villains

Amanda howes hero lineup 2

Left to Right: The Rebel, The Ghost, The Punk, The Mercenary, The Prototype

Amanda howes villain lineup 2

Left to Right: The Engineer, The Hacker, The Sovereign, The Lord, The Weapon

Amanda howes hero the rebel

The Rebel

Amanda howes hero the ghost

The Ghost

Amanda howes hero the punk

The Punk

Amanda howes hero the mercenary

The Mercenary

Amanda howes hero the prototype

The Prototype

Amanda howes villain the engineer2

The Engineer

Amanda howes villain the hacker

The Hacker

Amanda howes villain the sovereign

The Sovereign

Amanda howes villain the lord

The Lord

Amanda howes villain the weapon

The Weapon